When and where is the Harlem Arts Festival 2017?
The festival is scheduled for the last Saturday and Sunday in June and takes place in Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem. This year’s festival is set for June 23-25th 2017. Check out our Festival Map to see the layout.

When is the Artist Application Due?
The application for the 2016 season is now closed. We are currently accepting applications for the 2017 Festival and for our HAFSessions series. The application deadline is January 15th, 2017. Late applications will be accepted until January 31st, 2017, with a $20 late fee. All applications currently being submitted are being considered for the 2016 festival.

Is there a fee for the Artist Application?
Yes, the fee for the Artist Application is $25. Late submissions will be accepted with a $20 late fee.

Do HAF Artists get paid?
Yes, all HAF artists are paid an honorarium for their performances. The size of the  honorarium depends on the scope of work, the requirements, and the size of the work.

What are the benefits of being a HAF Artist?
There are a number of benefits to being a HAF Artist. Artist not only get presented at that year’s festival, but also get a free ticket to every performance HAF produces for their year of acceptance, free/discounted rehearsal space, free/discounted recording time, access to photos/videos/recordings of their performances for their EPKs, assistance with setting up websites, paid year-round showcasing opportunities, management and booking advice, promotion for all of their shows, discounted materials, access to physical therapy and injury prevention consultation (primarily for dancers), and visibility by some of New York City’s leading arts institutions.

What information will I need to fill in my application?
Apart from basic contact information, you will need to complete more essay-like questions about the work you plan to present and your interest in the festival. Our Application page allows you to reference the full app before you complete it. Should you be selected to participate in the festival, the answers you submitted on your artist application are then used on our website to promote your work.

Can I perform a piece that’s not the one in my application?
You are applying to be presented with the piece you include in your application.

Will I be able to partially complete my application and return to it later?
No. Once you click “Submit” on your application, you will not be able to return to it to edit any of your information. We strongly suggest you prepare your responses in a separate document before completing the application form so you can be sure to submit a complete application.

Will I be able to re-submit my application once I’ve sent it?
No. Once you click “Submit” on your application, you will not be able to access the information to re-submit it. If you have made an error on your application, send us an email letting us know what the correct information is.

How many pieces of work can I submit in my proposal?
Performing artists will have up to 30 minutes each for their performance. You may choose to present one piece, a few smaller pieces, or excerpts of a longer piece within that 30 minutes. You may not exceed this 30-minute limit; however, you are welcome to request less performance time if your work will not fill the whole 30 minutes. You will be prompted to note the length of your work in your application. For each piece submitted, you must complete a full piece detail and description.

I’m a former HAF artist, and I’d like to reapply to be presented this year. What should I do?
If you’re a former HAF artist, please email us before submitting a formal application. We are looking to present work we haven’t yet presented, so while we’d love to have you on our stages again, your work needs to show a significant departure from the piece(s) that qualified you for the festival the first time. If you’re unsure about whether it would be a good idea to apply again, please reach out first — we’d love to hear from you!


How should I submit videos or audio of my work samples?
First upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and then list the link to it in your application under the piece description. You may upload up to 5 minutes of footage. You do not need to combine footage of multiple pieces into one video, but videos must be edited to fit the 5 minute limit of total footage.

How should I submit photos of my work?
Photos can be uploaded to any online photo album (MobileMe, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, etc.) for which you may designate a link to a specific album or image. Once your album is complete, list the link to it in your application under the piece description. You may upload up to 10 total photos of your work. Please indicate in individual photo captions which work the picture is for. Please take caution to double check all photo gallery links to make sure they are accessible publicly with the link you provide!

I have supplemental or written materials that I would like to submit as part of my application. How do I do this?
Additional information such as a full resume, review, or excerpted script should be uploaded to Google Docs and the public link should be listed in your piece descriptions. You may send up to 5 documents for each piece proposed. For theater and spoken word artists, scripts and other written work samples do not count towards this 5-document limit.

I don’t have any video, photo, or audio files of my work. What should I do?
If you don’t have any supporting materials of the work because it has yet to be created, please submit files that are closely representative of your work and the piece(s) you’d like to present. Otherwise, please upload examples of your inspiration, rough cuts or versions of the piece — anything that will give us an accurate idea of what you’d like to present.