We’re looking for a number of volunteers for this year’s festival! Listed below are descriptions of the different volunteers we need. To the right, you can fill in your information and select the positions that are right for you. Looking forward to working with you! Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to volunteers@harlemartsfestival.com.

Stage Technicians

Volunteers assigned as stage technicians will be responsible for working directly with the Production Stage Manager to meet the technical requirements provided in each performing artists tech rider. All stage set up and break down of equipment, set pieces, lighting and sound equipment will be their responsibility. Stage technicians will be interacting with artists and artist liaison volunteers to ensure the smoothest and most professional transitions between acts, and respect artist integrity and preservation of their work. Volunteers should have a background in electrics or production and should be able to lift at least 30 lbs. Some heavy lifting will be required.

Greeters/Info Booth/Servers

Volunteers interested in working closely with festival attendees and providing friendly and knowledgeable service should sign up this category. Volunteers with exceptional people and communication skills may be assigned to various posts throughout the position including greeters, info booth staff, or servers at VIP catered events. All volunteers will be provided with ample information about the festival and are charged with knowing the operations, location of each element, and background and history of the event. During the festival, they may be asked to hand out festival collateral on the corner of 125th st, or various areas surrounding the park to direct the flow of traffic.

Kids Corner

Volunteers with a special skill or interest in working with children, arts education, or arts and crafts should apply for this category. The Kids Corner will provide arts in education activities for children of all ages to engage them in art making with crafts and performance. Volunteers will oversee child safety, facilitate crafts and performance games, and confer with parents about specific drop off and pick up times of individual children. This position requires maturity, patience, and creativity. Kids corner volunteers will also assist with the set up, breakdown and cleanup of each activity and the Kids Corner at large.


Volunteers without specific interest or skills are needed to be runners and builders both prior to and during the festival. Check-in points will be established throughout the day and festival grounds to provide runner support to HAF operations staff and fellow coordinators. Volunteers will be dispatched and managed by Volunteer Coordinator. Each assignment is to be completed as efficiently as possible, and during intervals, volunteers will assist with providing information and friendly service to festival attendees. Volunteers will be primary set up and breakdown crew of vendor booths, artist tables, and gallery walk. Should be able to lift 25 lbs and stand for up to 6 hours.


Volunteers with a particular skill or interest in first aid, CPR, or other related medical service should volunteer in this category. Proof of certification will be required. Volunteers will be stationed in the medical tent and will attend to festival staff and attendees with medical concerns. Volunteers will work closely with the Mt. Sinai EMT service and Fire Department in case of medical emergency.


Volunteers with an interest in sales and retail should sign up to manage the sale and distribution of festival merchandise. On sale will be HAF tee shirts, tote bags, posters, and magnets. Volunteers should be trustworthy and accurate in recording inventory and cash flow. Reports of total sales and breakdown by item will be due at the close of the festival. Volunteers will be responsible for set up and break down of merchandise tent.

Artist Liaison

Artist Liaisons will be charged with delivering personalized service and attention to each of the participating HAF artists. They will be responsible for artist check in, orientation, and company management. Performing artists will be escorted and toured through the green room and visual artists will be shown to their individual booth and offered set up. Liaisons should have some background in arts or production, and will assist in transitions between acts and work closely with stage technicians and Production Stage Manager. Liaisons may be asked to assist with set up of visual artist booth or gallery space. Liaisons should be able to lift 20 lbs and stand for up to 6 hours.