Artist Bio

Mitch Rosen embraces the challenge of capturing the essence of New York street life in a naturalistic, descriptive style. His goal is for the viewer to hear the noise of the city traffic, smell the hot dogs, and to feel the somber movement of the city at sunriseā€™s approach. Through the white-lighted open spaces and the participation of anonymous, silent figures wandering through the streets, Rosen is able to express the loneliness and stagnation of the New York City streets. He was raised in Queens, New York where he learned painting by observing his father, a self taught artist. His work progressed rapidly after experimenting with color pencil. With color pencil Rosen could naturally express himself with his fine attention to detail. Recently, Rosen has been working with acrylics on granite. His use of smooth subtle lines, on the rough granite stone allows his work to come alive in vivid contrast. His work has been on display in various New York and New Jersey locations. The Agora Gallery on Broadway in Soho, New York to name one.