Artist Bio

Lädy Millard came to the US in the early eighties from Jamaica West Indies. Born Diana Smith, her current artistic moniker is derived from a blend of her given name after Lady Diana, and from her father, Millard. She started working as a artist in a small studio in Harlem on 112th Street.

Lädy​ Millard, a​n artist​, social commentator and street anthropologist ​transforming the meaning of the “L​a​​dy” in our society. Lädy is a street tag of the graffiti artist Lädy Millard. Lädy​ Millard​ comes from a long history of ​f​ashion designers​, her works​ ​speaks to the lineage of dressmakers in Africa and the Caribbean. These dressmakers used found materials transforming them into new garments. Lady continues this tradition by assembling found images​ transform​ing​ ​them into works​ that like clothing are a social commentary on race gender and class​. Lädy the iconic tag seen throughout the city is an homage to the late Princess Diana. Diana’s death represent​s​ a shift influencing the momentum and ​shift in the cultural ​“Zeitgeist”. Princess Diana’s life was a representation of genuine kindness​ and authenticity.​ Diana transformed the ​depiction of women in royal ​family ​to ​one of ​service​ and her tragic​ ​death from being hunted by paparazzi in Pari. Redefining the gender and incorporating her environment to manipulate the audience’s view in the reality that they live.

Past work has showcased images of women and her father Millard who died of cancer in the early 1990’s.