Artist Bio

Albright is well-versed in the various styles of hip-hop dance and lives, eats, and breathes hip-hop as a dancer, choreographer, and actor. His style brings tremendous energy to the stage, presenting a cogent voice in theater. He was an original member of the Philly-based crew Scanner Boyz. He has danced for major recording artists such as Schooly D, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Boyz II Men, and the Beach Boys, to name a few. Albright has toured nationally and internationally in productions such as DanceAfrica, Memphis Ballet, Rome and Jewels, and Hip Hop Legends. With Illstyle & Peace Productions, he continues to share his dance ministry with diverse audiences. Same Spirit Different Movement I & II, IMpossible, IZZpossible, the most recent work Albright choreographed for the company—which includes locking, popping, breaking, beatboxing, hip-hop, tap, modern jazz, African dance, belly dance, singing, and DJing—has toured nationally and internationally to critical acclaim and been performed in Russia, Poland, Canada, London, Italy, France, and many other places. Albright also offers outstanding high-energy workshops, master classes, and educational program shows, including Become Your Dreams: The History of Hip Hop; Hip Hop add it up, a math lecture demonstration program; and NO-Bullying STOP-Bullying, and let’s be friends, a stop the violence and eat healthy show. Albright is intrigued by the universality of hip-hop and continues to seek inspiration from other dance and art forms.