Artist Bio

Gillian Alex, 1/3 go-getter, 1/3 stepford wife, 1/3 feminist – That’s Gillian Alex. All three qualities make her a true girls’ girl. From the Bay Area, she already knew what city life was like before moving to NYC. And from the minute she touched down she was ready to put the saying “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” to the test. An alum of Sacramento State and always a lover of the arts, it’s no wonder that she became an author and spoken word artist. Realizing that every girl needs a moment to herself to simply get her own mind straight, she launched GirlsTimeOutBlog in 2011. She started posting, purely as a way to hold herself accountable to write, and the “time outs” paid off. The comments roll proved that women were struggling with the same questions. When the comments sections became longer than the posts, she knew she was on to something. Thus her protagonist, Alexa Ross was birthed and her debut novel Tuesday At was published in Summer 2016 by Archway Publishing – a division of Simon and Schuster. As a way to keep her voice relevant, she launched her first spoken word piece — PUT SOME RESPECT ON OUR NAME – the Black girl — in January 2017. It is an energetic and amazing poem that speaks to the strength, perseverance, beauty and bravado of Black Women. She will perform the poem in February in the Off-Broadway production – Dimensions. She is currently working on her next spoken word poem – titled POWER.