Artist Bio

Derrick Carter was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. He is a contemporary visual artist, specializing in mixed media figurative painting. Through an emotional and expressive process, he uses sand and acrylics to communicate his beliefs and understanding on life’s contrast between the world and himelf. Sand has become Derrick’s primary medium in defining the meaning of difference and to help capture interest through his viewers eyes. Using a substance as simple as sand in place of more traditional media helps to uniquely distinguish his work. Derrick attended The Art Institute of Indianapolis, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design while studying with the professional artist, Archie Mason. In 2010, he began to merge his knowledge of fine art with principles of graphic design to develop a new style of art that has enhanced the reactions of his viewers. Derrick has exhibited artwork in group exhibitions such as Flava Fresh, Meet the Artist, and Art and Soul.