Artist Bio

Barry Mason is “An imaginative abstract painter”. He sees himself as a “composer” when constructing his shaped and sculpted paintings, which have become vehicles for expressing that inner intersection with admiration for Renaissance grandeur, Abstract art and his Afro-American identity all merge in a potent personal synthesis. Vigor and symphonic sweeping line(s),with their brilliant colors, dynamic irregular formats and forms that hint at African folk motifs) have been compared to the music of the great American composers like Ellington and Mingus, who achieved an exquisite balance of jazz improvisational and classical composition” (– J. Sanders Eaton, Gallery & Studio Magazine) As a young boy growing up on the scenic eastern shore of Snow Hill, Maryland, he found myself always having a desire to create. Imagining, constructing, and drawing art has always been apart of him. Now, 40 plus years later, art and the creative process continue to be a significant part of his life.