Artist Bio

The Harlem Swing Dance Society (THSDS) is a non profit organization (founded in 2008). It is the forerunner in preserving, promoting, propagating and protecting Harlem’s most famous dance of the Lindy Hop and Swing for future generations where it began. We are excited and privileged to bring awareness and accurate history to this rich culture. By search and discovery methods we have met the History Makers with this culture and their valued artifacts/collections that are museum worthy. To increase participation and engagement THSDS’s outreach is done by FYI sessions in local libraries, schools and community centers; we have weekly dance lessons and do community and private performances to bring new exposure and visibility to the dance. We recognize that Harlem’s Youth are at a cultural risk of losing their identity with the dance art form; so workshops and resources are offered in the Harlem area thru schools and recreation centers. Harlem establishments we have proudly collaborated with are The Studio Museum of Harlem, The Apollo Theater, The Joseph P. Kennedy Center, NYC Parks and Recreation, Harlem Week, Harlem Arts Alliance, Jazzmobile and the National Dance Institute.