Artist Bio

Born in Tallahassee,Florida, Amber attended Florida State University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. Shortly after receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Amber moved to New York and received her masters degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from New York University. However, her artistic expression began long before receiving her college degrees. Her move to New York, reinvigorated her artistic expression. Amber’s work symbolizes a variety of interests. Through exploration of the traditional qualities and characteristics deemed American culture; each piece Amber creates is inspired by what she is learning about her own identity as a black American woman from the south. Working primarily with acrylic paint, textiles and occasionally found objects, her use of those mediums to create patterns reflect how repetition and habit in life develop identity and shape cultural understanding. Amber explores the connection between individual identity and group identity; which to her shape sense of pride, knowledge of self and determine how life is experienced. Amber believes art is based in narrative; whether it allows an artist to share a personal narrative, share someone else’s story or gives space for the audience to create and shape their own.