2017 #MyArtsCommunity Campaign

Between February 20-March 2, 2017, 99 people made a difference, and became part of the 1st cohort of individuals to raise nearly $1,000 for the arts in our community. Thanks to these wonderful individuals, our message reached 59,923 people through social media via Thunderclap, and we received donations from nearly 50 individuals, with 18 being first time donors. Below is a list of this first cohort of individuals who made a difference, made a gift, and spread the word.

Watch our video below to see the message we spread. If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador for Harlem Arts Festival, please reach out to us here!

Why is #MyArtsCommunity important?

#MyArtsCommunity campaign is a grassroots initiative fueled by the power of our community, for our own community! Through our friends, family, neighbors, and social networks, our goal is to support our own community’s ability to present and support artists connected to our neighborhood. With the new administration threatening to cut all federal funding for the arts, this is more important than ever. Artists are here to shed light on the important issues communities face today. Artists bring communities together, drive local economy, encourages creativity and diversity, promote education, and challenges important issues like hatred, racism, sexism, anti-semitism, and more.

This campaign is also an opportunity for us to invest in our community by empowering them with community organizing and fundraising skills!

$10 for 10 days? Why not ask for more?

Our goal for this campaign is to reach as many people as possible, and to empower them to give. We wanted to make sure to include everyone, and illustrate the importance of a communal effort. Every donation counts, no matter how big or how small.  If 100 people share this message with 10 people and everyone gives $10, that’s already $10,000!

Where does this funding go?

This funding goes towards supporting artists in various ways:

  • Providing arts materials for visual artists
  • Providing rehearsal space for music, dance, and theatre artists
  • Supporting Harlem Arts Festival’s all-volunteer staff
  • Funding events for artists to showcase their work in their own community

Find out more ways your funds can make a difference here!

How do I get involved?

Anyone who has been touched by art or activism! We welcome everyone’s participation no matter how big or small. You can make a donation below, volunteer at our next event, or email us here to get involved in our next #MyArtsCommunity campaign!

How can I find out more?

If you have any additional questions, please email info@harlemartsfestival.com or call (347) 619-3823.

To make a donation in the amount of your choosing, please click below.

To send your tax-deductible contribution by mail, make your check payable to Harlem Arts Festival, and mail to:

Harlem Arts Festival
42 West 130th Street, #3
New York, NY 10037

Thunderclap Supporters:

Abby Armstrong
Ada Smith Jackson
Alia Kache
Allison Daniels
Andre Woolery
Andrew Tobia
Becca Reiman
Braxton Cook
Carla Gibson
Charlie Watts Mpa
Dara Levine-Hillis
David Thomas Tao
Dennis Moody
Divinity Roxx
Ernest Baker
Fiona Teng
House of Success
Jason Norinsky
Jenmy Huynh
Jerome Haferd
Jillian Leigh
JJ El-Far
John Harlem Reddick
Liz Marvin
Malir Burks
Maria Malizia
Mary Ann Newman
Michael Shoretz
Neal Ludevig
Octavia Romano
Patch Schwadron
Pollen Brands
Rich ThedosLedson
Sakina Ibrahim
Sarah Wang
Shravya Kag
Sophie O Riese
Tania L. Balan-Gaubert
Terry Schwadron
Tuesday P. Brooks

#MyArtsCommunity Leaders:

Abigail Armstrong
Alanoud Al-Buainain
Alissa Darsa
Amer Jandali
Barbara Grill
Brendan McGinley
Celia Turner
Damon Londrigan
Dara Levine
Elan Ferguson
Etan Dayan
Fiona Teng
Greg Fittinghoff
Hilary Asare
Jeff Arak
Jeffrey Kent
Jerome Haferd
Karl Turner
kate wyatt
Lance Johnson
Mary Ann Newman
Mary Benson
Maurice Robertson
Michelle Bratsafolis
Mike Glover
Mira Ludevig
Nancy Elfar
Nancy Hacohen
ourania katsapis
Photeine Anagnostopoulos
Rebecca Reiman
Robyn Linden
Roni Berg
Sharon Denning
Shaun Saldanha
Sidney Grant
Songbody Enterprises
Susannah Swihart
TN Goldstone
Yuri Ludevig