This Week’s Fav Tweets | 5.3.13

Hey party people! This week’s favorite tweets are all about things we love – from the environment, to unexpected art, to apps that make our work easier. Here’s a bit more info on these favorite things and how you can enjoy them, too!


We support this #Harlem artist! MT @undre2g Artwork made it on Mashable!|You’re Creating iPad Art Without Even Trying


Fruit Ninja by Andre Woolery and Victor Abijaoudi

Harlem Arts Festival 2012 artist, Andre Woolery, has put together an amazing collection of images made from fingerprints left on iPads after certain popular apps had been used. They capture the movement essence of these activities in a way that’s hard to describe because it’s so perfectly evident. Movement and dance is my favorite genre, so I’m blown away by the intersection of movement with visual arts, and seeing these images that seem to move even as they are clearly static is super exciting!

Luckily, these images are available for purchase at from just under $40 for an iPhone case or photo print, up to $1,999.99 for limited edition hand-signed 30″x40″ acrylic print. Your purchases are not just good for you, though, 10% of the proceeds from this project go to Code Now, an organization that “teaches underrepresented high school students foundational skills in computer programming through free extra curricular off campus trainings.”

Bravo, Andre!
(Check out the piece Andre showed at last year’s festival: The Only Weapon)

More information about Invisible Heiroglyphics:
More info on Code Now:


Growing Herbs Indoors 
@ProjectHarlem we love this!

It’s not new news that being exposed to nature is beneficial for your well-being, but in New York City, it can be difficult to feel connected to the earth at all sometimes. We love that Project Harlem puts out so much information about being environmentally active in our city — it really restores a feeling of connectedness. One of my favorite parts of my apartment is being able to keep plants and herbs on my windowsills, and in that way, I’m able to enjoy some of nature’s beauty right in my own home. They really brighten up a room, and even seeing my new sprouts each spring inspires a certain brand of glee. Thanks, Project Harlem!


#HarlemArtsFest is a startup #nonprofit. We’re a small dedicated team and @yesware is to thank for getting us to a new level of #efficiency!

We love trying out (*free*) new software that’s meant to increase our productivity and improve our daily operations. As a founding team of 3, it was very important when Harlem Arts Festival first started to keep track of where we were in our journey, and what needed to be accomplished next. Asana has been one of our most relied-upon tools, along with Google Drive and Dropbox, for a few years now. Added to that list recently was Yesware.

In our eyes, one of the most dangerous threats to a growing non-profit startup is the inability to keep all the plates spinning. You (hopefully) find in the beginning, a lot of people share your enthusiasm about your project and often connections are made, but sometimes these are never fully formed because one party or the other just can’t keep up and lets the communication volley falter. Enter, Yesware. This incredible service keeps track of all the emails you send out and will automatically remind you to follow up with leads or contacts who haven’t been in touch, letting you focus on the project(S) at hand instead of trying to remember where a conversation left off.

There are many other functions of Yesware — notably CRM syncing and Reports & Analytics — most useful for sales and for-profit teams. But we encourage you to check out their site and blog to learn more about how this might be useful for your office, too!

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