Artist Spotlight: Valerie Pattriti

Valerie Pattriti - Afro Clown I.

Today’s Artist Spotlight shines on Valerie Pattriti! Harlem Arts Festival learned the artist is profoundly passion about preserving Harlem’s artistic culture…

What do you hope to gain by performing in the Harlem Arts Festival?
To be able to contribute to the experience of bringing back the booming artistic culture of the Harlem Renaissance that spanned the 1920’s. To show visitors and residents the many talents engrained in Harlem culture and to give them a wonderful Harlem experience. Harlem is the place to be!

How would you describe your art to someone who was hearing about you for the first time?
A blast of color, excitement, and evokes positive energy.

Where’s your favorite place to eat, play or shop in Harlem?
Kick back and relax: “Paris Blues”. The owner is very welcoming and the energy is very chill. I enjoy long talks with old school Harlem folks who shower me with wisdom.

Shop: 125th street. You have a range. From H&M to the street vendors, African stores, to stores where you can find vintage records.

Eat: Harlem offers a range of different foods and vibes. If you’re in the beer mood go to Harlem Tavern. Sexy mood you go to Chez Lucienne, Corner Social, etc. If you want to get mini fresh pies I go to Manna’s on Frederick Douglass.
Where should HAF readers go to learn more about your art/work?
My website:

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