Artist Spotlight: Najee Omar

HigherSelf Holiday Affair 3Today’s Artist Spotlight shines on Najee Omar! Harlem Arts Festival caught up with the artist and learned he has a profound desire to inspire people to become change agents…

What do you hope to gain by performing in the Harlem Arts Festival?
I simply hope that performing in the Harlem Arts Festival will allow me to engage in a thought provoking conversation with an audience and leave a large body of people inspired to become change agents in a world that is in desperate need of healing.

How would you describe your art to someone who was hearing about you for the first time?
My art can be described as a theatre-music-poetry hybrid. It’s praise & funk with sprinkles of lyrical depth. It is the whispers of the soul written in stanzas.

Where should HAF readers go to learn more about your art/work?
To learn more about my work please visit

Where’s your favorite place to eat, play or shop in Harlem?
Call me a sucker, but I love eating at Amy Ruth’s on 116th.

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