Artist Spotlight: Mabina BanAfrika

Mabina BanAfrika

Today’s Artist Spotlight shines on Mabina BanAfrika! Harlem Arts Festival caught up with the group and learned their inspiration draws heavily from Kongolese tradition…

How would you describe your art to someone who was hearing about you for the first time?
Mabina BanAfrika’s work is a representation of the cultural melting pot that is ALL of us. Their work travels through time; traditional to modern Afro genres fused with a movement emphasis on Central African (primarily Kongolese roots).

What do you hope to gain by performing in the Harlem Arts Festival?
Mabina BanAfrika hopes to share culture and exchange artistic views to a larger audience. They also hope to reintroduce the Kongolese culture, and it’s cultural offspring’s (Caribbean, Latino, and African American) to the community in a creative, informative, educational, and entertaining way.

Where should HAF readers go to learn more about your art/work?
To learn more about Mabina BanAfrika please visit on the web at, and you can also read about Mabina BanAfrika in the recent May and June edition of Alizelavie Magazanie: pages 276-280.

Where’s your favorite place to eat, play or shop in Harlem?
Artistic Director Eto’o Tsana’s favorite place to eat in Harlem is Caridad restaurant located on 116th st & 3rd Avenue, Patisserie Des Ambassades on 119th st & 8th Avenue, and Mabina BanAfrika’s favorite place to shop is the African Market on 116th street & Lenox.

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