Artist Spotlight: Greg Tate from Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber

bs-recent.portrait.203Today’s Artist Spotlight shines on Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber! Harlem Arts Festival caught up with Greg Tate and learned he is a Harlemite to his core, having lived in the community for 30 years…
What do you hope to gain by performing in the Harlem Arts Festival?
Forge more of a a musical connection with my neighbors–as I’ve lived in Harlem for 30 years.

How would you describe your art to someone who was hearing about you for the first time?
Conducted orchestral improvisation built around a very un-standard repertory.

Where should HAF readers go to learn more about your art/work?

Where’s your favorite place to eat, play or shop in Harlem?
Favorite place to eat would have to be Cafe Latte on Malcolm X Blvd between 120th+119th. Favorite place to play music is a cross between The Apollo Salon where we’ll be appearing this October and Harem Stage.

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