Artist Spotlight: AYo & the INMOTION Band

Ayo dancing with drummer

Today’s Artist Spotlight shines on AYo from AYo & the INMOTION Band! Harlem Arts Festival learned AYo loves Devins Fish and Chips on 147 and St. Nicholas…

How would you describe your art to someone who was hearing about you for the first time?
Energetic, engaging context on backdrop of live instrumental music.

What do you hope to gain by performing in the Harlem Arts Festival?
An opportunity to further connect with Harlem, my place of residence and primary creative space. I wish to expand my musical palette as well as meeting new people.

Where should HAF readers go to learn more about your art/work? as well my social media handles @ayoinmotion where I share my creative process.

Where’s your favorite place to eat, play or shop in Harlem?
Devins Fish and Chips (147th and St Nicholas).

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