Young Entrepreneurs Set the Bar High

We, at the Harlem Arts Festival, were thrilled to have been interviewed for our first article about the Festival!

Written by Milos Balac for Columbia University’s online publication, Northhattan, the article describes the goals and mission of the organization as a whole. It’s a great read and apart from quoting Neal, JJ, and I, it features soundbites from some of our Community Partners and supporters! Here’s what they had to say:

Joyce Hanly, owner of the Harlem Jazz and Gospel Getaway, a brownstone inn located just off of Marcus Garvey Park, donated her space to the [Harlem Arts Festival] for a fundraiser in October.

“The issue with Harlem is that it’s very difficult to get people to come up there,” says Hanly. “Everyone downtown says, ‘Oh, all the way up there? Go to Harlem?’ Anybody that has connections with downtown people that can bring new people up to Harlem is doing a great service to the community.”

Simone Eccleston, programming manager at the Harlem Stage performing arts center, who is on the festival’s artistic selection committee, says that the Harlem Arts Festival fits perfectly in the local art scene.

“There are so many organizations that present work in Harlem, that the scene is thriving,” says Eccleston. “This festival just helps to complement and open it. It increases awareness and generates more participation in Harlem.”

Eccleston says that Harlem Stage will encourage artists that it works with to apply to the festival.

Global Tech Prep, a middle school in East Harlem, will provide the rehearsal space for the festival artists. Global Tech’s community coordinator, Homer Cook, who is on the festival steering committee, is developing an 11-week poetry apprenticeship for Global Tech students to work with local poets, and the students will present their work at the festival.

“Youth are not exposed to enough cultural and arts events today,” says Cook.


You can read the full article on Northattan’s website here: Young Entrepreneurs Set the Bar High for the Harlem Arts Festival

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